For the assignment of spatializing sound i have chosen to try and immerse an audience into a story. I chose to use an old cartoon. The hit song from From Walt Disney’s “Song of the South” released in 1946 “Zip-a-DeeDooDah“. To spatialize the sound from this cartoon I have taken the flat mono track that accompanies the animation and created a 3d space that the story moves within and around. In a pitch black room or closing your eyes i intend this to feel like you are inside the animation and you can imagine the characters moving around you. To accomplish this i had to take an amusing soundtrack out of the old animation and turn it into a mono track. This track then split into five separate mono tracks that will become the mono tracks for my five outputs. Hopefully five channels will be enough to give the effect of surround sound. To fade the tracks across multiple speakers i used cross faders. And adjusted the gain level to get choose when each track would play and not play. As the main character walks in the animation the characters voice too travels around the room slowly as if he was walking around singing. There are other characters that enter the song such as a bird, children, gophers.. Etc they all join in on the song and to make this effect i would have multiple speakers playing for certain characters. The man’s voice followed a circular pattern roaming the room and the bird would sing in random places sometimes on the opposite side of the room, This helped to make the song seem like a 3d space. Hope you enjoy it.

Brain Storming

Ideas for a 3 – 8 sound design work.

I can try to reproduce something or create something new entirely. We have access to equipment or i could make my own equipment..

Ping pong

Just a friendly game of ping pong, The ball can bounce from speaker to speaker


Using 5 speakers create a satanic ritual.

From where you’d rather be.

While at university in the city. Remember fondly of the beach and outdoor activities.

This piece would be a creation of a multi track soundscape. If you close your eyes i want it to feel as if you are in the space.

The dreamscape


Feel Good


A police skit where the cops bust into the room and surround the students using up to 8 channels the officers will come from one point in the room and run around the students they can speak to each other and